Google now cites obscure ad code in old blog posts in a blogs subdomain as their reason for blacklisting the entire website… INSANE

The backlash against Google is rapidly growing as the world learns how Google has blacklisted the entire domain in order to silence our speech.

As an example, check out this David Wolfe video that is rapidly headed for 1 million views on Facebook alone.

Everywhere across America, radio hosts, website owners, publishers and internet users are outraged that Google would ban the entire NaturalNews website (while pro-vaccine and pro-GMO propagandists are gleefully celebrating the censorship, predictably).

The backlash against Google has risen to such a fever pitch that Google realized it was losing major credibility. If people realize they can’t trust Google’s search, then Google has nothing to really offer. It’s only FAITH in the neutrality of the search results that keeps people using Google, after all, and people are already leaving Google in droves due to Natural News being maliciously censored by Google.

SIGN THIS WHITE HOUSE PETITION to demand that the federal government investigate Google for anti-trust violations.

Google contacts Natural News, finally gives us a URL they claim is in “violation”

This morning, I was contacted by a Google technical person who directly emailed Natural News. According to the email, a Google techie found an obscure third party advertising script running on a tiny number of articles published 3+ years ago under the subdomain, where content is posted by outside bloggers. (Many websites host similar blogs, including the NY Times.) Google has so far provided us with ONE URL that they claim is a violation. (Yet they banned 140,000+.)

Just to be clear, this script was NOT running on the primary domain, it was not part of any in-house NaturalNews articles, and it was not even recent. It was from years ago.

This third party script, identified as invoking “”, has been so far identified on a grand total of 13 blog posts that were posted from 2013 – 2014 under the subdomain

Using this as their excuse, Google blacklisted the entire domain, including all 140,000+ pages of content that contained no such third party scripts, thereby “silencing” Natural News content by invoking an obscure, dated, barely-visible technical issue.

This is the electronic equivalent of a rogue cop claiming, “Yer tail light is busted! Hee-Haw!”

In other words, Google scoured the entire Natural News site and all its subdomains, including blogger articles, in order to find some “justification” to ban the entire website. Even worse, they did not issue any warning to Natural News on this “Manual Action,” they did not limit the content ban to the subdomain in question (blogs.) and they did not even tell Natural News which URLs were being flagged by Google, because that would have made it much quicker for us to identify the issue they claimed was responsible for the delisting. (They only told us about one URL today, after days of censorship of the entire website…)

But since then, we’ve discovered that Google’s own Blogspot network is running the same third party code! According to Google’s own logic, Google should have blacklisted the entire domain. But they haven’t. Wonder why?

Google’s selective enforcement and outrageous blacklisting of the entire site is Orwellian oppression of speech

No other prominent publisher who agrees with the status quo would be subjected to such Orwellian censorship scrutiny. This “selective enforcement” would never have been applied to the Huffington Post, for example. Can you imagine Google blacklisting the entire Huffington Post website due to the rogue actions of some blogger from 2013 who added some javascript code to their post? No way. It wouldn’t happen.

Natural News was clearly singled out for this selective enforcement due to the nature of our content, which dares to question the corruption of the status quo on everything from medicine to politics.

By censoring Natural News, Google also vastly improved the rankings of dishonest, malicious and pharma-funded Natural News critics who then moved up into the ranking spots that should have been legitimately held by content. This effectively silenced Natural News from being able to defend itself against all the malicious attackers and pro-pharma publishers who have waged a coordinated smear campaign against myself and the Natural News website. These sites include the Genetic Literacy Project, run by Jon Entine, whom Natural News exposed as a wife beater, and, where Jon Entine was a contributing author for several years. It also includes all the vaccine propagandist websites that have been desperately trying to silence myself and Natural News because of our efforts to protect children from mercury in vaccines.

Now we all know how Google “justified” banning the entire website. With enough scrutiny, they can no doubt find some obscure “violation” of something YOU posted years ago, too.

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