Iraq war veteran faces 21 years in prison for possession of pistol magazines

If you live in the wrong state – that is, one that is governed by Left-wing authoritarians who only agree with portions of the U.S. Constitution – and you believe in the Second Amendment, chances are better than average that you will end up on the wrong side of the “law” at some point.

That’s what happened to Simeon D. Mokhiber, 41, of Niagara Falls, N. Y.

As reported by The Buffalo News, a Niagara County jury convicted Mokhiber, an Iraq War veteran, for being in possession of “high-capacity ammunition magazines,” which police found in his vehicle during a traffic stop.

The paper said that cops pulled him over on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, and then booked him for same; they found the illegal magazines during a search of the car.

And even though the jury acquitted Mokhiber of the DWI charge, it nevertheless convicted him of the weapons charge, which means he will face a potential prison term of seven years per charge when he goes before the judge, probably sometime in June.

Mind you, this isn’t the jury’s fault. The jury was only following the law as it is currently written in New York, which is run by some of the Left-wing, anti-Second Amendment kooks outside of California. (RELATED: Sheriffs across political spectrum agree: Citizens should arm themselves against Islamic terrorists)

No, this is the fault of the state legislature and the governor, both of whom teamed up to make “high capacity” magazines illegal – for everyone except police and the military, of course.

This conviction is particularly galling because of Mokhiber’s previous military experience, reports the American Thinker. He served nine years in the U.S. Army, and was deployed for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. After leaving military service, he worked as an armed private security contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan, and at one time, was licensed to be an armed security guard in his state, a process that isn’t automatic. Further, he has an eight-year-old son who is disabled, and he has never been convicted of any prior criminal action.

There’s more, and this helps explain why Mokhiber was not convicted for DWI. Cops pulled him over for speeding, and for some reason decided to perform a field sobriety test. His big mistake appears to be that he requested that the officers turn on their body cams, which then led to his arrest. Police reportedly conducted a search of his vehicle without a warrant, which indicates that New York authorities don’t have much use for the Fourth Amendment, either.

During the search, cops discovered three magazines for a Glock handgun, each holding 17 rounds. The magazines were in a locked container, and Mokhiber did not give police permission to open and search it. And while he owns a licensed, registered handgun, it was not in the vehicle at the time he was pulled over; only the magazines themselves were present.

New York’s insane law states that magazines – “ammunition feeding devices” – made to hold more than 10 rounds cannot contain more than seven rounds, the self-defense experts in the state Assembly and governor’s office having determined that seven rounds – not six, not eight, but seven – are sufficient for self-defense purposes. Don’t ask how these libtards came up with that number of rounds because no one really knows.

Nevertheless, that’s the magic number decided upon by Andrew Cuomo as part of his SAFE Act that really doesn’t do anything to keep New Yorkers safe, but rather keeps them lightly armed, if at all, and extremely vulnerable. Those Democrats – how they love to title their legislation to say just the opposite of what they really intend, kind of like the “Affordable” Care Act.

So, Mokhiber, having been found to have three magazines, faces three counts of violating the law, for a grand total of 21 years in prison if convicted to the max on all of them.

Twenty-one years behind bars – and Democrats laughingly claim they are the party seeking “sentencing reform.”

This is an Iraq War veteran, a man who has seen combat. He’s a trained, armed security contractor; he’s a licensed handgun owner; he was a licensed, armed security guard in his state. (RELATED: Bill allowing government to confiscate guns without due process introduced in Illinois)

And now he’s looking at spending the remainder of the foreseeable future behind bars, not just because a couple of police officers may have illegally searched his vehicle, but because he dared to have 10 more bullets in each of the three handgun magazines than the ridiculous, nonsensical law allowed. And that’s a huge no-no in the Authoritarian State, even if you don’t have a gun in the car to fire those rounds.

There’s more. As New York’s governor proudly prosecutes veterans, he coddles real criminals – like domestic terrorist Judith Clark, formerly of the Weather Underground, who was sentenced to 75 years to life in prison for her role in a 1981 Brink’s armored car robbery that left a security guard and two police officers dead.

Cuomo commuted her sentence in December.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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